Stressed? Unwind and treat yourself to a relaxing vacation. You can unwind by traveling to top destinations locally or abroad. Just make sure that the place that you’ll visit will bring a sense of fulfillment to your inner self.

Parks, temples, and churches are some of the common targets of tourists. However, not all people get the chance of traveling abroad due to the budgetary requirement.

But this is a thing in the past. You can actually travel to more beautiful places this year. Just read the following recommendations and add them to your travel’s bucket list.

1.Colombia. Do you want to see an overwhelming reserve of emerald? Or maybe do you want to witness the grandeur of the Andes Mountain? Well, your next stop must be in Colombia. This Spanish-speaking country is not hard to reach. And of course, you don’t need to spend that much. In fact, the average price booking price to this city (when you’re from the U.S.) is just $550.

2.Costa Rica. This country is famous for its perfect streams, harbors, and beaches. If you want to visit a rich rainforest, you can also head to the city of San Jose. Mind you; you’ll not need to spend a lot since most of the parks and amenities in this country are made available for free.

3.Japan. This South East Asian country is popular due to the exceptional discipline of its citizens. You may also get interested in visiting ancient temples and samurai hubs. The best time to visit Japan is now since the USD exchange rate versus the Japanese Yen is going high.

These are only four of the beautiful countries that you can visit even if your budget is tight. So, before it becomes too late, book your plane ticket now.