One thing common to more than nine of every ten households you spot in the United States of America is a vehicle of some sort. There is no gainsaying the fact that mobility is very important for people in the country, and of course when you have yours that does a lot to make things even better and easier.

However, this mindset has done a lot to feed the misconception that it is not possible to really get around in the country without owning a means of transportation of your own. While it mightn’t necessarily be a walk in the park, it is very far from impossible that you can’t get around in America without your own automobile.

What’s more, there are multiple options that are readily available for you to utilize in this department, if you so choose. Stick with us as we explore the more popular ones.

Option 1 – Riding the Public Bus

While it isn’t exactly the most convenient means to move around, there are multiple buses that can move you quickly from one part of the city to another. There are even more options to explore here if you want to move from one state to the other. The best part of this whole deal is that they are also very affordable!

Option 2 – Leverage the Use of the Amtrak

If you want to make your journey a bit slower but far more entertaining, you have to option of using the Amtrak rail. It’s also one of the most convenient routes of transportation you can leverage on this list as you can relax quite comfortably while you’re on the go.

Option 3 – Look for Affordable Flights

You’re most likely thinking, but everyone knows that taking flights in America is one of the most expensive means of travel on the entire continent. In truth, you’re right, but not completely. You see, from time to time, airlines will roll out really affordable prices tickets you can snatch and use to travel. All you have to do is be on guard to leverage this opportunity!

And with this, you know your way around the country, even when you don’t yet use your private means of transportation!