Less is more. That’s the motto of a minimalist lifestyle. Identify the essentials in your life. But I’m not a minimalist. Who says you have to be one. Here’s how to embrace minimalist decor when you’re not a minimalist.

Minimalist Decor: What is it?

The concept of minimalist decor works like this. It focuses on the look of your home rather than the amount. Who says you have to own tons of objects to take up the tables or the shelves? Get rid of all that clutter, and keep the look of your home simple, clean, and neutral.

Steps to Embrace Minimalist Decor

Step 1: Remove Everything

That’s right, you have to remove everything from the space. You can’t work on your minimalist project until you have a clear space.

Step 2: Add Only the Essentials

Next, it’s time to take a look at everything you own. Put back only the essential needs. These items include the couch, a lamp, and maybe the coffee table. Items like an exotic chair can go.

Step 3: Be Open to Space

We all stress about needing something to put on the shelves. Back in that free space. It’s okay. The little the better. Find a small focal piece that accents the furniture.

Step 4: Light, Light, and More Light

Open up the shades and let in all the light. It brightens the room immensely. Another minimalist tip is that you should get rid of the curtains.

Step 5: Assess the Function

What is the main function of the space? Stay within the color scheme of the room, and use smaller pops of color. Every piece should complement the room just as long as you don’t overwhelm it with too many colors or patterns.