Are you worried that your ugly radiator is going to be the talk among the guests? Instead of leaving the ugly radiator the way it is, decorate it! Not sure what to decorate it with? Here are a few decorating tips.

Give it a Nice Paint

That rust does not look nice. Give the radiator a paint job. Before painting it, clean it. You see all sorts of dust piles up on the surface. Get out the cleaning supplies and the radiator primer. After cleaning it thoroughly, sand it down, apply the primer, and then add the first touch of paint.

Use it as a Shelf

Radiators have no use during the summer. You can always use another shield in the house. Put a marble or a stone on top of the radiator to create a shelf.

Turn it into Furniture

You could always place the chair right in front of the radiator. Hide the ugly radiator behind a piece of furniture.

Lean Artwork Against it

Need a spot to place that artwork? The only reason your guests are drawn to your radiator is that you placed the most beautiful painting over the radiator. Try it out.

Buy a Cover

Here’s another idea. You can buy a cover for your radiator. They come in all shapes and sizes. No need to worry, as the covers have slits so the heat can get through. Give it a try.

Use a DIY Approach

Here’s where you should put your creativity to the test. Construct your own piece of furniture, shelf, or cover. Before starting your DIY projects, log the dimensions of the radiator. The last thing you want is a slipcover or a piece of furniture that won’t fit the diameters of the radiator.