No, this is not the work together that you are thinking of. Because rooms are not alive, they already get along because they live under the same roof. However, you can make rooms look more alive with a specific makeover. Here are 3 tips on making rooms work together.

1. What is Your Inspiration?

Do you ook in the magazines and wish you could add a bold statement to your room? You can! Pick a statement and use it as a color scheme to make it stand out. See how it works in both rooms.

Experiment with the colors with various objects and with unique shades. Choose subtle neutral colors or try a throw pillow on the chairs. Furniture items like striped rugs, furniture with similar colors, or subtle neutral colors bring the rooms together.

2. Pay Attention to the Background

The background is one of the most important elements in any household. To make the decor stand out, provide a backdrop. Use the same color in both rooms to bring them together. It is very important to make the rooms cohesive and not represent a funhouse.

That means you’ve gone overboard in your decorating experience. Go ahead and choose a color to make guests look up at the ceiling.

3. Choose Similiar Shapes

Choose similar shapes in each room when going out furniture shopping. Search for matching textures, shapes, and designs that will easily reflect your personality across the house. Here’s an idea; try out wood textures.

Wood represents a substantial function in joining the dining and living rooms as well as to the kitchen in the background. To make it look like these spaces are part of the same house, try out exposed wood beams, a wood floor, and wood tables in both rooms.