All of us get motivated when we see our hard work paying off, and the same can be said with exercise. But sometimes we can get a bit impatient, and we become too eager to see results even if we’ve just been exercising for a few days. A tip, therefore, is doing exercises that engage a lot of your muscles when you want to see immediate results.

A pull-up would be a good example of this kind of exercise as it engages plenty of your muscle groups.

Using weights can also enhance your exercise. A dumbbell, barbell, water jug, or weighty food can be some of your options for hand-held weights. 

Exercises you can try include:

Classic Squat

Stand tall, making sure to spread your feet so they are shoulder-width apart. While keeping your core worked up, bend your knees as low as you can. Ensure that your back is upright and your feet are leveled on the ground. Go back to the standing position.

A full squat takes time to master. If you are a beginner, you can begin by using a barbell that’s unweighted. Do a number of reps that you can execute while still keeping a good form.

Loaded Carry

Walk for about a minute while each of your hand is holding a weight, then halt and release the weights. After resting for a few seconds, repeat the set for five reps.  See to it that your core is well-engaged while walking.

Biceps Curl-to-Shoulder Press

With each of your hand holding weights, lift your forearms to hoist the weights up to your shoulder level. Bring the weights slowly upward then press it over your head. Maintain the position for several seconds before going back to the starting position.

Light weights and short reps are highly suggested for beginners to help them maintain a good form during execution of this exercise, and then gradually build up their sets in due time.