Poet and novelist N. Scott Momaday got this year’s Ken Burns American Heritage Prize. The said award is given to any local (of the U.S.) who contributed much in promoting America’s heritage and ‘spirit.’ 

Momaday is well-known for his novel House Made of Dawn. He even bagged the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1969 with the said piece. 

After the awarding, the founder of the award-giving body, Ken himself, talked to some entrepreneurs. He revealed the secrets he believes will help people to reach success.

The Winners’ Traits

According to Ken, a lot of people asked him how he produced exceptional films and documentaries time and again. There were even some who theorized that he has some sort of ‘unique’ routine that made him excel in his job. But according to Ken, he is just a typical American filmmaker. He stressed that the most important thing to achieve success is to establish identity. 

How to Become the Next Steve Jobs?

To some who aspires to become the next Steve Job, Ken also shared some advice.

According to him, there is no short cut in reaching the summit. In whatever that you’ll do, you need to start at the bottom and grind your way up. He pointed out that there are processes and obstacles that must be hurdled to make the person be the best in his craft. 

He also stressed that sometimes, people need to sacrifice to find what he really wants in life.

He shared his experience when he opted to isolate himself in New Hampshire 40 years ago. He said that the time he spent in nowhere made him realize a lot of things. From there, he found the purpose of his existence and wrote top-billed novels that focused on American history.