When you have been through so much, suffered and persevered under the most astonishing circumstances, you are usually left at the end of the tunnel with one of two things, ultimately.

You are either left in complete despair and hold on to the belief that all is lost, and there isn’t any hope for the future. Or you are left with boundless optimism with an unwavering belief in the fact that tomorrow will be better than today.

If you are one of the fortunate few that wake up after one of life’s bad dreams feeling like the later, then congratulations! Rather than be broken, you have become stronger through the most unexpected means.

At one point, you might consider it your calling to want to share this new hope you have with as many people as you possibly can. Yet, how can you rationally and effective achieve this goal?

Here are some channels through which you can shape some lives and ultimately better some souls.

1. Simply be Caring

Many people underestimate the boundless potential hidden in a single, simple act of showing care and affection. You would be amazed at how many lives you can touch by simply showing that you actually care about who they are, what they are going through and how they feel.

Inspiring them to overcome all of that comes easily after people know that you actually care.

2. Be Cheerful

The old saying goes, “Misery loves company”, and that’s very true. But in the same vein, so is happiness and enthusiasm. Be happy and cheerful at all times. That is a contagious feeling that is often enough to inspire people to get out of their own rut.

3. Show you aren’t Perfect Too

If people see you as human too, they can struggle to overcome their problems because you become an example to them of how the ordinary can achieve extraordinary feats.

Your good intentions will surely get where you’re aiming it, just keep trying and those people you need to show it isn’t over will soon come to see things the same way you do.