Many scientists in the field of medical have tendered conclusion evidence that shows without a doubt that osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis that affects people all across the world.

This severely painful medical phenomenon takes root when the cartilage that functions as a protective cushion in your bones has been considerably weakened or worn down. The most common treason for the wear and tear that this cartilage suffers is time and age. This illness can attack any major or minor joint in your body from your hips and knees to even your spine.

As of today, it has no known cure. As such, the best thing that any Osteoarthritis can do is find the best solutions to help them manage the pain as they go about their daily activities.

Apart from medicines that can help with the pain, various research studies have shown that there are a few simple activities that Osteoarthritis patients can try out to help manage the pain better.

Some of these activities include but aren’t limited to,

Staying Active

True, the very last thing you want to be doing right now is moving your body about while you’re in that much pain. However, if you are able to do this with a measurable level of consistency, you may find that over time, the pain will fade into the background and you’ll be able to move about more freely.

Eat Well

When your body has easy and unfettered access to important nutrients, it is able to do more in terms of healing your body and helping you ease the symptoms of this disease.

Sleep Well

Very few habits help you better handle the pain of Osteoarthritis than making sure that you have a good sleeping habit. With the right sleeping position, not only will the pain not disturb you while you sleep, you’ll wake feeling better and refreshed.