Tobacco, which is commonly used for cigarettes are very harmful in the long run. Smoking not only affects the smokers themselves, but they also compromise other’s health via second-hand smoke. Generally, there is a larger number of men who smoke compared to women. But the number of women smoker smokers has increased in the last several years.
If you are a smoker, there are several complications you could acquire once you get older. If you don’t do something about your smoking habit, here are just some of the more severe diseases you could develop.

Heart Complications

Continuous use of cigs can lead to some serious heart problems. Those who smoke, both men and women, have a higher tendency to die early due to heart complications. Women at the age of 35 and above have a higher chance of dying than men. Their habits can lead to an abdominal aortic aneurysm – the weakening of the main blood vessel responsible for carrying blood from one’s heart to the remainder of the body.

Being Prone to Varied Types of Cancer

It is said that a more significant percentage of a woman’s death is caused by Lung Cancer rather than a Breast Tumor. Aside from that, you may also suffer from pancreatic, kidney, liver, throat, bladder, and colorectal kinds of cancer. Cancer treatments are expensive, and the condition itself is hard to beat, which is why it’s more beneficial if you refrain from smoking.

Extensive smoking can Lead to having Reproductive Issues

A woman who smokes may acquire several reproductive issues. These include suffering from painful and irregular periods, dropping of estrogen levels, vaginal dryness, and extreme fatigue. It can also induce the risk of early menopause and worse symptoms than women who do not smoke. Lastly, it can trigger a woman’s infertility, which can be heartbreaking for a lot of ladies out there.