How to sell or trade in your Android phone to get the most money

How to sell or trade in your Android phone to get the most money

New Android phones are launching in the market every day, which is increasingly catching Android lovers’ attention. Because there are plenty of new devices, you can just sell or trade your old phone online for the new one.

Giving away your old phone to get the maximum credit requires a few things before selling.

If you are selling a used phone, its price will be a little slower than the new version, but it also depends on the device’s condition.

To get the maximum credit for your device, you can follow the underlying steps.

Sanitize your phone

Before selling your phone, properly sanitize it with a clean cloth. Check for pits and bumps and clean it out. In this way, your phone will look new.

Remove SD Cards and SIM

Remove your card slots and clean them properly. Also, make sure to take out your SIM card before selling.

Back up your device

Before wiping out the phone’s data, back up all the photos, contacts, notes, etc. Also, make sure to get the app credentials removed.

Unlock your Phone

If you get your phone unlocked, all the SIM carriers can work efficiently on it. Therefore unlocking it will increase its selling range.

Factory Reset

Reset your device from the setting to get all the default settings back. Make sure that you follow all the reset buttons to put the phone back to its original version.

Accessories with the Phone

Gather all the accessories that you receive with the phone, such as boxes, earphones, chargers, etc., to get the phone’s maximum price.

Use the best service to sell

Finally, do not just randomly sell your device. Research about the online marketplace and compare the price of your device with other similar devices. Make sure that you put the price according to the authentic rates. Sell old phone to top-rated sites by doing a detailed analysis of users’ feedback.