Laptops have become a part of everyday life because of their massive productivity and entertainment aspect. No matter if you work in an office or at home, you will use it at some time of the day. Also, if you are writing a paper or playing games, it is going to be used. In all these scenarios, it is expected that they will get dirty.

The most crucial part of Laptop cleaning is screen cleaning. Since screens are sensitive and have specific resolutions, cleaning it like other parts is not possible. This article has provided different methods that you can use to clean the laptop screen easily.

How to Clean Laptop Screen easily?

There are many ways to clean a laptop screen. While it is common to clean it with a tissue or rough cloth, however, it is damaging for the screen because, in the long term, it is leaving small marks on the screen. Following are some of the best techniques to clean laptop screens.

Using Micro-fiber cloth

Wipe your laptop’s screen with a clean micro-fibre cloth. Since micro-fibre does not leave any scratches on the surfaces, it is the recommended method to remove dust. Rub the fabric one or two times for some cleaner look.

Using clean and distilled water

Using micro-fibre is enough in the case when there are no big streaks and marks on the screen. However, there can be situations when you will need to use some water to clean the screen. Do not use tap water as it is heavy and will leave stains on the screen. Instead, you can use distilled water to clean it. Put some distilled water on the micro-fibre cloth and rub the dirt of the screen.

Using a Brush

For some light cleaning, you can carry a small soft brush in your laptop bag. Before using the laptop, clean the screen by lightly using a brush.