If your friend, relative, or someone from the family is a blogger, gifting them Chromebook is the best option because of its advance features. Since it encapsulates all the high-tech blogger functionalities, it will undoubtedly reach the writing mark. No matter if a blogger is working as a freelancer or as a conventional employee, there is a time when they are writing all day long.

A blogger requires a perfect laptop with all the goodies that are present in Chromebook. The reasons why Chromebook is ideal for writers and bloggers are given below:

1. Efficiency

Chromebook laptop is highly optimized in terms of battery and processing speed. It can last for 17 hours; therefore, bloggers can write, edit, or complete a milestone on the go. They are also fast, so just open the lid and start the work without needing to wait for minutes for the starting process.

2. Document backing up feature

Since Chromebook saves all the writing work on web Microsoft Office platforms, you can easily access the documents and files from any other device.

3. Easy way to share files and posts

Although Linking a drive to backup your data is necessary for Chromebook because it does not provide a lot of internal space, you can easily share the files and posts by providing a document link.

4. Affordable Price Range

Chromebook is less than $400; therefore, it is incredibly affordable for a new Blogger, especially if they start working in the field and do not require a too high tech device.

5. Good Security

Chromebook provides advance security features to protect all sort of attacks.

6. Productivity

Chromebook provides all the Microsoft Office productive apps free for Chrome. Therefore, there is no need to purchase all the software. Bloggers need a good internet connection to start their work. Also, the result can be saved on the go, so it is ideal.

7. Look

Chromebook has a delicate and elite look. It is exceptionally lightweight and can be easily carried.