How to Celebrate Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary

How to Celebrate Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary

As the old saying goes, “Love is a beautiful thing.” If that is true, then it stands to reason that you would want to celebrate such beauty, especially as it continues to stand the test of time.

Be it a wedding or a romantic relationship, there really is no contesting the fact that 3 years is a long time to send with anyone. You would agree that over this time, the union would have faced a great deal of challenges and overcome them all for you to be even considering celebrating the occasion.

Now, if this relationship means a lot to you, then it is only to be expected that you would put in a considerable amount of effort to make this anniversary one to remember.

Naturally, you would have to present your lover with a wonderful gift for the occasion. That certainly goes without saying. However, what isn’t so easy is finding that perfect 3 year anniversary gift for your celebration. But not to worry, we’ll get into how to handle all of that and more without much stress and hassles in a bit.

To the matter at hand, the immediate and pressing question becomes, how do you make this anniversary one to remember? How do you go about making it as special and wonderful as you feel it should be?

We know you probably already know this, but we feel it is necessary as well as pertinent that we emphasize just how crucial this is.

As at the 3rd year in any relationship, you’re very likely to be over the worst of the early friction and awkwardness that is common to new relationships and partners. What’s more, you would have achieved at this point an in-depth and intimate knowledge and understanding of each other’s wants, needs and goals. If children are already in the mix, that makes this celebration all the more important.

Now, you may be wondering that even though all the above is true, why and how exactly is it relevant to the issue currently in deliberation?

The first thing that it is crucial you understand here is that all of this (as well as the host of the other variables left unsaid), must play into any gift and celebration you plan on giving and having for your anniversary!

It’s all getting very real now, isn’t it? Right about now, you are probably starting to see just how high the stakes are.

So, how do you go about acing this and making your partner fall even more in love with you?

Here’s how to make your 3rd year anniversary truly magical!

From the moment the clock strikes midnight, you could grab your lover and do a slow, romantic and happy dance. If you’re both religious, you could say a little prayer in thanks of the special gift you both get to share. It doesn’t end there. Roses are the flowers of love, so don’t forget to present your lover with a fresh bouquet.

If there are kids in the mix, get a sitter and take your partner on a romantic outing, and to cap it all off, pick a nice 3 year anniversary gift from our collection!

Be sure to wow your partner and have a great time!